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Double Chocolate Waffles (Happy Valentine’s Day!)

I have a confession: I love frozen waffles. They are so convenient to pop in the toaster oven and have ready for breakfast in just a few minutes. I tend to be picky about the waffles I get at restaurants, because they’re usually doused in powdered sugar and whipped cream. Not that powdered sugar and whipped cream are bad, just sometimes I want a simpler approach. Until recently, I didn’t have a waffle iron, so frozen waffles were my only choice.

Now, I may never go back.

These chocolate-chocolate chip waffles are quite rich, and if I were going to have them for an everyday breakfast, I would probably eliminate the chocolate chips. But it’s Valentine’s day; what better day to give yourself the gift of rich, chocolaty goodness? Oh, and did I mention they were easy to make?

I highly recommend these waffles topped with fruit. We tried them with cherry pie filling left over from mini cheesecake topping (pictured above) and fresh blackberries, both of which were delicious. The Official Taste Tester liked them with pure maple syrup, but I didn’t find the syrup to be necessary.

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