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Oreo Truffles

Every year, my cousin hosts a holiday party that is “deck the halls” themed. For this party, all of the food is shaped like balls. There are matzo ball soup and ornament-themed napkins.

We guests are also asked to bring ball-shaped foods. This year, I decided to make two types of truffles: cookie dough (recipe to come soon!) and Oreo.

The truffles passed the party test (rapid consumption despite the snow keeping many invitees at home), have only three ingredients, and are easy to make as long as you keep a few tricks in mind.

One thing that I would like to have changed with the recipe would be to use white baking chocolate squares rather than chocolate chips, but my local grocery store only had white chocolate in chip form. Baking squares are meant to be melted and reformed or mixed into doughs, while chocolate chips are formulated to maintain their shape in things like chocolate chip cookies. What this means for this recipe is that the chocolate chips are a bit more difficult to work with when coating the truffles than baking chocolate would have been. If you can find baking squares, use those.

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